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Updated Cisco IOS Software Documentation

Starting with Cisco IOS Release 12.2SRC, the Cisco IOS 12.2SR documentation set includes a suite of configuration guides as companions to the command references. The configuration guides document Cisco IOS software features supported in Cisco IOS release 12.2SR. Feature descriptions may contain configuration information that applies to other releases if that feature is supported in multiple releases or on many platforms.

The Cisco IOS command references continue to include documentation of commands supported (for example, in Cisco IOS Release 12.2SR), but also include commands supported in other major releases, such as Cisco IOS Release 12.2SX. As a result, some commands found in these books may not be supported in the Cisco IOS Release 12.2SR release.

Check out these recently updated configuration guides and command references today:

New Cisco Product Documentation Available Online

"What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" is an online publication that provides information about the latest documentation releases for Cisco products. Updated monthly, this online publication is organized by product category to direct you quickly to the documentation for your products.

In addition to many new and revised documents, highlights of the March release include documentation for the following:

  • Cisco IOS 12.2SR Command References
  • Cisco IOS 12.2SR Configuration Guides
  • Cisco IOS 12.2SR Documentation Set

Remember, "What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" is also available as an RSS feed.

View the latest release of "What's New in Cisco Product Documentation" today.

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