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SMARTnet Gets Even Smarter

Cisco Smart Call Home -- a new proactive service capability of Cisco SMARTnet Service -- will promote greater network availability through real-time troubleshooting and automated notifications. Smart Call Home is available at no additional cost as part of your SMARTnet service contract on Cisco Cat6500 series switches. This service capability will be added to other key Cisco products over time.

The Smart Call Home service capability combines with the Call Home IOS feature to provide a mechanism to generate, transport, store, process, and analyze device system messages and information.

Smart Call Home provides the following items:

  • Notifications and corrective action recommendations
  • Reports to the network administrators
  • Automated registration process that checks that the device is under contract and registers it or provides a trial registration if possible.
  • Automated service request creation to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC).
  • High levels of security: information about a device that is communicating with Smart Call Home's back-end systems may be authenticated and sent encrypted over the Internet, and the network administrator may access the device information and event history using the Smart Call Home Web Application over a secure connection

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