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December 2012 Enterprise Edition

Cisco Learning Network Mobile

Study and connect with the lively community that supports you in reaching your certification goals
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Internet of Everything in Action

Cisco Chief Futurist Dave Evans reveals his thoughts on the Internet of Everything (IoE) phenomenon in his four-part blog post series.
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Expert to Expert:


Meet, Discuss & Debate with Cisco’s leading Network Technology Architects and Software Engineers
The Architect & DE Discussions blog is the place to engage with experts behind Cisco's emerging Routing, Switching, and Network Software technologies. Learn about upcoming technologies, products and read perspectives on what's coming down the pipeline.

From one PK to SDN to EIGRP and more, we'd like to get your thoughts on where you think the industry is moving as well and also what you’d like to see from Cisco. This is your opportunity to engage & provide feedback on what's up and coming… and what you need for your business.

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What do YOU want to ask a TAC engineer? Send your questions to If we publish an answer to your question, you'll see your name in print, impress your friends, and get some free stuff too!


TAC Tip:


New Search Functionality: References
Cisco business architect Pete Walker explains how search results have been enhanced with "References" metrics that show how often the result has been referenced by TAC engineers and Support community members.

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Chalk Talk:


Admin VDC on Nexus 7000 Explained
With the introduction of NX-OS 6.1(1) and the Supervisor 2 and Supervisor 2E modules for the Nexus 7000, a new capability called Admin Virtual Device Context (VDC) was created. Admin VDC is a feature that was created based on customer feedback, addressing the desire for additional virtualization control within the platform.

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Simplify Tech Support: One Contact for Multivendor Solutions
How can you keep performance and uptime high, and at the same time efficiently fix problems?
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CCNA Data Center and CCNP Data Center Certifications
Learning@Cisco announces job-role-focused certification programs that let you maximize your investment in your education and increase the value your data center network brings to your business.
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Securing the New Workspace
What roles do recent data center security enhancements play in an ever more mobile and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) reality?
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Student Project Collaboration with NC State University
Senior Cisco Engineers agree to collaborate on several small, hands-on projects with NCSU students.
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Cloud Success Stories: A Global Non-Profit and A Consumer Goods Manufacturer
Cloud traffic will account for nearly 2/3rds of total data center traffic by 2016. Have you enlisted experts on the latest technologies to guide you?
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Your Support Website: Enjoy Enhanced Mobile Case Management
Manage your open support cases, RMAs and more with the Cisco Technical Support mobile app, enhanced for both iOS and Android devices.
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New Cisco Product Documentation Available Online
Get information about the latest documentation releases for Cisco products.
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New documents or documents with major updates (italicized titles) published November 1 - 30, 2012

See a list of new and updated Security Advisories.

Contact Center

Tech Notes:
UCCX: Error Occurs When an Application is Created or Updated
Agents Not Displayed on Cisco Supervisor Desktop

Recent CSC Docs:
[UCCX] Discovering Exceptions

Interfaces and Modules

Tech Note:
FWSM: Troubleshoot Traffic Failures Due to Wrong Xlates


Tech Note:
Anycast RP using PIM (Nexus)

Security and VPN

Recent CSC Docs:
BlueCoat PacketShaper and Cisco ACS v5 x Configuration

Voice and Unified Communications

Configuration Examples:
CUBE Voice Call Rate
VG224 Voice Gateway SCCP Registration with CME

Tech Notes:
CUBE 9.0 Local Transcoding Interface (LTI)
Agent Unable to Log Into Cisco Agent Desktop
Troubleshoot Unity Connection 7.x/8.x Issues

Servers – Unified Computing

Tech Notes:
Introduction to LSI's MegaCLI Utility
Visual Guide to collect Tech Support files (B and C series)


Tech Notes:
Packet Loss over a Dot1Q/L2P Tunnel



CiscoTechAdvantage (formerly IOS Advantage) Webinars


Enhancing Application Performance with PfR - January 9, 2013

For more information, check out the Cisco IOS Advantage Webinar Series

Upcoming Ask the Expert Events from Cisco Support Community's Expert Corner:


Engage, collaborate and co-create with our Cisco subject matter experts through interactive events.

•Data Center and Cloud Security - Starts December 10, 2012
•CUBE - Starts December 10, 2012

Multicast on Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers – Tuesday, December 18, at 11:30 a.m. IST (India UTC +5:30 hours) 7 a.m. CEST Brussels, 5 p.m. Sydney.

Find more localized events in Polish, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.

Technology You Can Use from Geeks You Can Trust


Spend time with your favorite geeks in these TechWiseTV episodes:

UCS Central: Multidomain Management
This short show will cover technical details and benefits of the new "UCS Central" - UCS Domain Management across Geo's and Data Centers.

Fundamentals of Next Generation Encryption
Join TechWiseTV host and International Man of Cryptography, Robb Boyd, for a whirlwind tour of next generation encryption (NGE).

TWTV Workshop: Is Your Access Network Ready for BYOD, Collaboration and Cloud?

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