Committed Access Rate (CAR) Limiting


The rate-limiting feature of CAR provides the network operator with the means to define Layer 3 aggregate or granular access, or egress bandwidth rate limits, and to specify traffic handling policies when the traffic either conforms to or exceeds the specified rate limits. Aggregate access or egress matches all packets on an interface or subinterface. Granular access or egress matches a particular type of traffic based on precedence. You can designate CAR rate-limiting policies based on physical port, packet classification, IP address, MAC address, application flow, and other criteria specifiable by access lists or extended access lists. CAR rate limits may be implemented either on input or output interfaces or subinterfaces including Frame Relay and ATM subinterfaces.

An example of use of CAR's rate-limiting capability is application-based rates limiting HTTP World Wide Web traffic to 50 percent of link bandwidth, which ensures capacity for non-Web traffic including mission-critical applications.