Cisco Aironet 350 Series

Software Maintenance Release Firmware Version 12.02T1

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Product Bulletin No. 2116

Product Bulletin No. 2116

Software Maintenance Release Firmware Version 12.02T1 for Cisco Aironet 1200, 350, and 340 Series Access Points and 350 Series Wireless Bridge

Cisco Systems® is pleased to announce the release of Firmware version 12.02T1 using Management Information Base (MIB) version 02.12.03 for Cisco® Aironet® 1200, 350, and 340 Series access points and the Cisco Aironet 350 Series wireless bridge.

This software release resolves the following six caveats:

Broadcast key rotation now operates correctly with Cisco Aironet 350 Series client adapters

Only one broadcast key is now sent at rotation time when two radios are operating

Duplicate detection logic has been changed

Access point no longer loses Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) keys when hot standby is configured

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) no longer fails after first broadcast WEP key rotation

Access point now buffers traffic correctly in power-saving mode

In the Cisco Aironet 1200 Series, this software release is for Cisco Aironet hardware platform product number AIR-AP1200 and bundled version product number AIR-AP1220 using VxWorks Software. Do not install this software on Cisco Aironet hardware platform product number AIR-AP1210 or bundled version product number AIR-AP1230 using Cisco IOS® Software.

Download this software release from the Cisco Wireless Software Center.