Cisco IGX 8400 Series Switches

EOS Announcement for Port Concentrator Shelf PCS, No. 1090

Product Bulletin, No. 1090

End of Sales Announcement for Port Concentrator Shelf (PCS)

Cisco is officially announcing the End of Sales (EOS) for the Port Concentrator Shelf (PCS) with an effective date of October 31, 2000. Switch software release 9.3 will be the last release supporting the PCS. Customers will continue to receive TAC and RMA support for the PCS for a period of five years after the EOS announcement.

Customers requiring support for low-speed Frame Relay traffic on their IGX 8400 can use Cisco 3600 routers as an alternative to the PCS.

In Summary, the End-of-Life Plan for the PCS is as Follows:

End of Sales

October 31, 2000

Last Software Release

Release 9.3

End of Hardware Support

May 1, 2005