Cisco Catalyst 8500 Series Multiservice Switch Routers

48-MB PCMCIA Flash Card for Catalyst 8540 MSR Series

Product Bulletin No. 1512

48-MB PCMCIA Flash Card for Catalyst 8540 MSR Series

Product Overview

The Catalyst 8540 MSR Series now support 48-MB Personal Computer Memory Card International

Association (PCMCIA) Flash memory cards. With its two PCMCIA interfaces and support for up to

48-MB of Flash per interface, the Catalyst 8540 MSR Series can be configured with up to 96MB of Flash


Features and Benefits

This larger capacity flash card supports large or multiple configuration files, and is required for some

advanced Cisco IOS® Software images. Cisco IOS release memory requirements are available on at

Software Requirements

The IOS Software releases which support the 48-MB Flash card on the Catalyst 8540 MSR Multiservice Route Processor (MSRP) can be found using the Hardware-Software Compatibility Matrix located at

In addition, the following RomMon image is required:

Cisco field-programmable gate array (FPGA) functional image, fi-c8540-fc.A.4-17, for the feature cards used

with the Catalyst 8540 MSR. This image can be downloaded at:

Ordering Information

The following new memory option for the Catalyst 8540 MSR Series is orderable.

Platform Product Number Description Availability
Catalyst 8540 MSR MEM-ASP-FLD48M=

Catalyst 8540 PC Flash Disk, 48MB (spare)


Product Documentation can be found at:

CCO: Catalyst 8540 MSR Documents

SMARTnet Customers


SMARTnet customers are entitled to a software update, which is described as a new release version of the customer last-purchased feature set. For customers wanting increased functionality, an upgrade to the new feature set will be required.


Cisco helps SMARTnet customers get upgrades quickly through CCO. If customers are upgrading from one feature set to another, they must place an order for the purchase of the appropriate Technology Use or Feature Licenses before downloading the software.

Non-SMARTnet Customers


Customers who wish to increase the level of functionality beyond their current feature set must order a software product code along with any appropriate feature licenses.

Downloading Cisco IOS Software Releases from Cisco

Registered CCO users may download the Cisco IOS software release for the Catalyst 8540 at

Those customers eligible for software upgrades under warranty that do not have service contracts will need to contact the Technical Assistance Center at 800 553-2447 or