Cisco Catalyst 3000 Series Switches

3011 WAN Router Module


Data Sheet

3011 WAN Router Module

WAN Access Module for Catalyst 3100 and Catalyst 3200

The Cisco 3011 WAN access module available on the Catalyst 3000 family provides WAN routing solutions for switched applications. Based upon the Cisco 2503 router, the Cisco 3011 provides two serial ports, an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) Basic Rate Interface (BRI) port and an auxiliary (AUX) port. The same software images available for the Catalyst 2500 series (version 11.1(6) and higher) are used for the 3011. Thus all the features and benefits of Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS) software that are available on the popular 2500 router series are included with the 3011. Features like Frame Relay and X.25 software for cost-effective access to packet-switched networks at remote sites are standard. The 3011 WAN module is the first FlexSlot1 module to be introduced.

The Cisco 3011 is ideal for remote office locations that require a dedicated line to the main office and a second line to the Internet. The BRI port can be used for dial backup when users require a backup link for disaster recovery. If access over the primary WAN link fails, a second dial-up line is automatically brought on line. This feature also allows for a second line to be activated to loadshare traffic if the primary link experiences a user-definable congestion level.

Figure 1: 3011 WAN Router Module

The 3011 WAN module is completely integrated, simplifying physical connectivity and easing management of the remote office. The 3011 routes packets from the WAN interface to any single VLAN in the Catalyst 3100's or 3200's internal data bus. Thus, one 3011 WAN module can provide WAN access for an entire stack.

Serial Ports

The two serial ports, which operate in either data communication equipment (DCE) or data terminal equipment (DTE) mode at speeds up to 2.048 Mbps, can be configured to operate in either synchronous or asynchronous mode. This provides support for both dedicated leased lines as well as dial-up lines. The serial port connectors have a universal design common to the Cisco 2500 series and Cisco 7000 series Fast Serial Interface Processor (FSIP) card. This feature enables easy transition to any of the common physical interfaces, including V.35, RS-232, RS-449, RS-530, and X.21.

In addition to the two serial interfaces, the AUX port can be configured to provide an additional dial-up line for asynchronous routing. The ISDN Basic Rate S/T Interface (BRI) removes the requirement for an external ISDN terminal adapter (TA). The BRI S/T interface provides one 16-kbps D channel for ISDN signaling and two 64-kbps B channels for user access to the ISDN network.


The 3011 module comes standard with 4 MB of Flash erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) and 2 MB of DRAM system memory. Optional memory is available, providing a total of 16 MB of DRAM and 8 MB of Flash. This flexibility ensures that the 3011 WAN access module meets all future WAN requirements.

User Interface

The 3011 WAN module is controlled through the console port of the Catalyst 3000 family. Upon selecting the WAN interface menu, a user is presented with a Cisco IOS command line interface submenu, which is used to configure and control the 3011 module.

3011 WAN Router Specifications

Asynchronous Speeds

· Up to 115.2 kbps

Synchronous Speeds

· Up to 2.048 Mbps


· DRAM 4 Mbps to 16 Mbps

· Flash 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps

Software Feature Sets using the Cisco 2500 series software, which includes:

· IP routing

· IPX routing

· IP/IPX routing

· Desktop

· Enterprise


· Serial ports one and two: DB-60

· AUX port: RJ45

· BRI port: RJ45

Physical Specifications

· Compatible with the FlexSlot available on the Catalyst 3100 or Catalyst 3200

Environmental Conditions

· Operating Temperature: (0 to 50ºC)

· Relative Humidity: Operating temperature: 8 to 80%, noncondensing

· Storage Altitude: 40,000 ft

Safety Certifications

· UL 1950

· CSA 950

· EN 60950

EMI Certifications

· FCC Class A (CFR47, Part 15)

· CE Mark

· EN55022 Class B

· VCCI Class 2

ISDN Certification

· US: FCC Part 68

· Canada: CS-03

· Europe: CTR3 and CTR42

· Japan: JATF approval2.

1A FlexSlot is a double-wide slot available on the Catalyst 3200 and Catalyst 3100.
2Certification approval in progress. Estimated completion middle 1997