Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE Series Switches

New Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE Switches

Product Bulletin

New Cisco Catalyst 2950 Long-Reach
 Ethernet Switches


Cisco is pleased to introduce the new Cisco Catalyst® 2950 Long-Reach Ethernet Series switches. The Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE solution delivers cost-effective, high-performance intelligent services to enterprise campus environments and multi tenant buildings (for example, hotels, apartment buildings, and office buildings). The Catalyst 2950 Series is an affordable product line that brings intelligent services, such as enhanced security, high availability and advanced quality of service (QoS), to the network edge—while maintaining the simplicity of traditional LAN switching.

The Cisco LRE technology dramatically extends the reach of Ethernet up to 5000 feet over existing Category 1/2/3 wiring at speeds from 2 to 15 Mbps symmetric. LRE co-exists on the same medium as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), digital telephone, and ISDN traffic, and co-exists with asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) in the same wire bundle, allowing service providers to provision LRE to buildings where broadband services already exist.

The Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE solution includes the fixed-configuration Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE switches, the Cisco 575 and 585 LRE customer premises equipment (CPE) devices, and the Cisco LRE POTS Splitter. Each LRE link is terminated with either the Cisco 575 or 585 LRE CPEs, and a POTS splitter is required when POTS traffic coexists with the LRE link over the same line. The two built-in Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) ports support 1000BASE-SX and 1000BASE-LX modules. The dual SFP-based and copper Gigabit Ethernet implementation provides customers with tremendous deployment flexibility—allowing customers increased availability with the redundant uplinks.

Embedded in Catalyst 2950 Series switches is the Cisco Cluster Management Suite (CMS) Software, which allows users to simultaneously configure and troubleshoot multiple Catalyst desktop switches using a standard Web browser. In addition to CMS, Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE switches provide extensive management tools using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) network management platforms such as CiscoWorks for Switched Internetworks.

LRE Solutions for Various Deployments

The flexible Cisco Catalyst 2950 LRE solution can be deployed in enterprise, metro access, and hospitality environments to meet different network requirements and provide a variety of applications.


The Catalyst 2950 LRE solution enables enterprises to deploy productivity-enhancing applications across their entire network while avoiding the costs of rewiring. Based on the market-leading Catalyst 2950 Series, the Catalyst 2950 LRE is a familiar product for existing Cisco customers and allows networks to reach areas previously not feasible due to wiring or distance limitations.

Metro Access

Ideal for metro Ethernet access in residential and small-office, home-office (SOHO) markets, the Catalyst 2950 LRE solution extends intelligence to the metro access edge, enabling service breadth, availability, security, and manageability while leveraging the existing in-building wiring. Featuring advanced rate limiting, voice virtual LAN (VLAN) support, and multicast management, these switches enable a variety of residential metro services such as Internet access, voice over IP (VoIP), and broadcast video.


The Catalyst 2950 LRE solution enables hoteliers to deliver secure, high-speed Internet access to guest and conference rooms to attract and retain business travelers. By deploying the Cisco LRE solution, hotel owners can future-proof their buildings for a wide range of applications that will ensure operational efficiency and customer loyalty for years to come while avoiding the costs of rewiring.

Ordering Information

Model Numbers


  • 24 LRE ports + 2 10/100/1000BASE-T ports + 2 SFP ports (two of the four uplinks active at one time)

  • Based upon the Catalyst 2950 Enhanced Image Software (EI)

  • 8 LRE ports + 2 10/100/1000BASE-T ports + 2 SFP ports (two of the four uplinks active at one time)

  • Based upon the Catalyst 2950 Enhanced Image Software (EI)

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Product Availability

Orderability and availability in December 2002.

Service and Support

SMARTnet Maintenance Contracts for the Catalyst 2950 LRE Series are available. Go to the SMARTnet Ordering Information at:

Catalyst 2950 LRE Series