Cisco VCO/4K Open Programmable Switches

EoL for Cisco SDS & VCO/80 Programmable Switches, No.873

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Product Bulletin - No. 873

Product Bulletin - No. 873

End of Life Announcement for Several Cards and Accessories for Cisco SDS and VCO/80 Series Programmable Switches

Cisco is announcing the end of life for several cards and accessories, including V3.3 and V4.2 assemblies within the SDS/VCO programmable switch product line. Many of these parts are obsolete or have a full functional replacement in a later version.

Cisco is also pleased to announce an aggressive trade-up program. If you act by June 30, 1999, you will receive credits for your old equipment and special discounts for upgrades, allowing you to cost-effectively migrate to the latest hardware (VCO/4K) and/or software (Generic V5.1) platforms.

If you have any questions or would like to explore these programs further, please contact your Cisco Customer Service Representative.