Cisco VCO/4K Open Programmable Switches

End of Life for the VCO/80, No. 1026

Product Bulletin, No. 1026

End of Life Announcement for the VCO/80


Cisco Systems announces the End of Life (EOL) for the VCO®/80 chassis and associated system components. Table 1 shows the VCO/80 part numbers that are no longer orderable as of this announcement. Any orders for VCO/80s after the End of Sale (EoS) date will be filled with VCO/4K units.

If you are affected by this EOL announcement, there are upgrade programs in place. Please contact your Cisco account representative.

This EOL announcement affects the products listed in Table 1 below.

Table 1: EOL for VCO/80
Assembly Description

VCO Series/80 System DC powered


VCO Series/80 System AC powered


VCO Series/80 System DC powered Zone 4 Earthquake


VCO Series/80 System AC powered Zone 4 Earthquake


VCO Series/80 Ring Generator

The schedule for the items in Table 1 is shown in Table 2:

Table 2: Schedule for EOL of VCO/80

End of Life Announcement

February 1, 1999

End of Sale

June 30, 1999

End of Shipment

December 31, 1999

End of HW Maintenance

February 1, 2002

Support Programs

End of Sale (EoS) refers to the time when certain products are no longer available for new purchases. It does not apply to the service and support programs for those products. Cisco will continue to support these products after EoS through our SMARTnet maintenance programs. Customers with either of these service contracts are entitled to free software updates and 24-hour phone support through the Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Customers who do not have a maintenance contract can purchase software updates and hardware repair services from Cisco to meet specific requirements rather than full service coverage.

Additional Information

For additional information, please refer to the following:

Cisco VCO/4K Product Overview

Further Assistance

For technical questions, please contact the Cisco TAC.

For product related questions, please contact your sales or customer service representative.