Cisco VCO/4K Open Programmable Switches

Clarification, End-of-Sales Date for the Cisco VCO/4K Products

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Product Bulletin No. 1606

Product Bulletin No. 1606

Further Definition and Clarification of the End-of-Sales Date of the Cisco VCO/4K Product Line

This product bulletin is issued to further define and clarify the end-of-sales date of the Cisco VCO/4K product line of open programmable switches, as documented in Product Bulletin No. 1545, "End-of-Sales Announcement for the Cisco VCO/4K Product Line."

Note: Product Bulletin No. 1545 is available at

This clarification is applicable to all partners and customers that have not negotiated specific end-of-sales terms and conditions with Cisco Systems, Inc. for the VCO/4K product line.

The Cisco VCO/4K end-of-sale final date is March 1, 2002.

Cisco VCO/4K systems will be assembled through December 28, 2001.

After December 28, 2001, Cisco VCO/4K systems and components will be sold strictly on an "as-available" basis based upon current inventory levels.

To ensure the availability of Cisco VCO/4K systems and components after December 28, 2001, please work with your Cisco account executive to order and forecast your system and component requirements during early December 2001.