Cisco MGX 8800 Series Switches

Cisco MGX 8800 PXM-45 Processor Switch Module


Data Sheet

Cisco MGX 8850 PXM-45
Processor Switch Module

The Cisco MGX 8850 PXM-45 Processor Switch Module for the Cisco MGX 8850 IP + ATM Multiservice Switch is a combination ATM switching fabric and processor card. The switching fabric provides 45 Gbps of nonblocking switching capacity, while the processor provides the control plane that delivers IP+ATM networking software, diagnostics, and performance monitoring.

Key Features

  • 45-Gbps nonblocking switching

  • Hot card insertion/removal

  • 1:1 hot-standby redundancy

  • User-selectable primary and secondary clock sources with graceful switchover

  • Internal Stratum-3, external building integration timing supply (BITS), or inband clock sources

  • Inband or out-of-band management via EIA/TIA-232 or 10BaseT control ports

  • Support for narrow- and broadband service modules scaling from DS0 to OC-48c/STM-16

Figure 1: Cisco MGX 8850 PXM-45 Processor Switch Module

Technical Specifications

  • Resides in slots 7 or 8 of the Cisco MGX 8850

  • Supports hot insertion and removal

  • Supports 1:1 hot-standby redundancy

  • Offers R5000 MIPS CPU

  • Offers 45 Gbps worth of nonblocking switching

  • Provides full environmental monitoring of cabinet temperature, cooling-fan speeds, and power-supply voltages

  • Provides four LED indicators

    • Card status

    • Critical/major/minor network alarms

    • LAN control port activity detect

    • DC-power status

Supports two back cards:

  • Upper back card supports the following functions:

  User and management interfaces
  • EIA/TIA-232 control port

  • EIA/TIA-232 maintenance port

  • 10BaseT Ethernet port

  Network synchronization for the shelf
  • T1/E1 BITS synchronization port

  • Stratum-3 clocking

  • Conformance to ATT Pub. 624.11

  Central Office—compatible critical/major/minor alarm interface
  • DB-15 connector

  • Major alarm audio

  • Critical alarm visual

  • Minor alarm audio

  • Minor alarm visual

  • Lower back card supports the following functions:

    • Hard drive

Intelligent Quality-of-Service Management Suite

Connection Management

  • Automatic end-to-end soft permanent virtual circuits/permanent virtual paths (PVCs/PVPs) using Private Network-Network Interface (PNNI)

  • Deterministically allocates bandwidth and reroutes virtual circuits/virtual paths (VCs/VPs) autonomously over optimum network paths

  • Preserves service integrity during network failures

  • Path and connection tracing

Advanced CoS Management

  • Up to 16 class-of-service (CoS) queues, with independent service algorithms dedicated to each interface in the network

  • Quality of service (QoS)-based routing

Switched Virtual Circuits

  • Signaling protocol per ATM Forum UNI Specifications V.3.0, V.3.1.

  • E.164/AESA addressing

  • ATM Forum PNNI Specification V.1.0

  • ATM Forum IISP specification

Network Management

  • Network/element management using Cisco WAN Manager software

  • CiscoView for equipment management

  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support for configuration and statistics collection

  • Support for robust traps

  • Graphical user interface

  • Standards-based interfaces for integration into other higher-layer operations systems

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: (H x D) 15.83 x 15.65 in.

Electrical Specifications

  • Input power required: (48 VDC

  • Power consumption: 150W

Electrical and Safety Standards Compliance

  • EMI/ESD compliance

    • FCC Part 15

    • Bellcore GR1089-CORE

    • IEC 801-2

    • EN55022

  • Safety compliance

    • EN 60950

    • UL 1950

  • Bellcore NEBS: Level 3 compliant

  • Optical safety: IEC 825-1 (Class 1)