Smart+Connected Communities

Hamburg Gets Smarter

Hamburg uses the Internet of Everything to connect traffic, parking, lighting, and more. (3:28 min)

Addressing the Challenges of a Changing World

As world populations migrate to urban areas, cities are faced with new challenges. These may include traffic jams, overcrowding, pollution, resource constraints, inadequate infrastructure, and the need for continuing economic growth. Cisco Smart+Connected Communities solutions can help city leaders address these problems using intelligent networking capabilities. The solutions can provide the information and services needed to create more livable cities, and help them thrive.

Smart+Connected City

The Smart+Connected City solution portfolio includes remote access to government services as well as City Infrastructure Management solutions for connected parking, traffic, and safety and security. Smart+Connected City solutions include:

The Future of Traffic

The Future of Traffic

Learn how Smart+Connected solutions can help improve traffic flows and quality of life.

Smart+Connected City Traffic
Smart+Connected City Parking

Smart+Connected Real Estate

Designing optimal spaces for various uses requires an in-depth understanding of tools, communication, and movement in work and home environments. Smart+Connected Real Estate solutions include:

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