Connected Oil and Gas

Helping Oil and Gas
Profits Flow

See what happens when people, processes, data, and things connect end to end. (1:20 min)

Helping Oil and Gas Profits Flow
Coming Out Ahead in Oil and Gas

Coming Out Ahead in Oil and Gas

Digital technologies spell opportunity in the era of low prices and beyond. (PDF - 4.54 MB)

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Make Operations Safe, Efficient, and More Secure

The Internet of Things is creating a whole new digital agenda for oil and gas.

To lead, your company needs a new model that brings IT innovation to the industrial control environment. A model that integrates information, data, people, and processes across your supply chain. That keeps processes and product flowing. Keeps people safe and out of harm's way. Scales resources. And secures your networks and equipment.

Cisco Can Help

We can work with you to integrate oil and gas solutions transparently, while reducing risk through a phased approach. In partnership with other leading industry suppliers, we deliver exceptional depth and breadth of security, connectivity, and visibility end to end, from the boardroom to the well.

Secure Your Industrial Control Networks

Get total visibility and awareness. Quickly detect, contain, and prevent problems while strengthening protection.

Lower Costs; Operate More Efficiently

Keep business processes and product flowing by improving asset integrity. Gain control, stop problems fast, and get ahead of surprises.

Meet Production Targets and Reduce Downtime

Scale resources so you can find, produce, and extract oil and gas faster.

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