Inspiring New Connections

Help increase access to education and prepare the next-generation workforce by creating a Connected Learning environment. (Video - 2:35 min)

Cisco Connected Learning

For schools and higher education leaders who seek innovative approaches to transforming education, Cisco's Connected Learning portfolio of products, services, and solutions enables you to improve student outcomes, increase efficiency, enhance safety and security, and expand research capabilities.


Connected Learning solutions foster engaging learning, cost-efficient, and safe environments.

Higher Education

Connected Learning solutions support the delivery of quality education to students.

Resources for Economic Recovery

What's New
Learn how educational institutions around the world are not just surviving, but thriving, by using their networks to connect and protect their communities. Learn More

Cisco Solutions for Education

Education for the Developing World
CEED (The Cisco Education Enabled Development) platform combines the power of networking, Video, Collaboration and Cloud - to provide a simple, easy to deploy & use, and manageable solution. In most developing countries, the initial deployment of technology is an easier challenge than running, operating and maintaining it !! There are issues of unstable & unreliable power supply, network reach, reliability and availability, and not to mention, issues with respect to theft or ease of repair - particularly in rural areas.

Safer, More Efficient Schools
Cisco solutions for education help prepare the next generation workforce.

Enhancing Higher Education
Encourage innovative approaches to higher education with Cisco solutions.

Featured Content

Transforming Education
Learn how technology can help education leaders deliver the skills students need to succeed. (Video - 30:00 min)

Safer, More Secure Schools
Help ensure students, staff, and assets remain safe. (Webcast - 60:00 min)

Enhancing Campus Safety
Improve campus-wide communication for a more secure and more collaborative higher education environment. (Webcast - 60:00 min)

Digital Signage in Education
See how Cisco Digital Signage can help you communicate more effectively and efficiently with students and staff throughout the campus. (Webcast - 20:00 min)

Innovation in Education
This webcast series, co-sponsored by Cisco and Promethean, features interviews with some of the top thought leaders in K-12 education. (Webcast - 20:00 min)

Resources for Education

Economic Stimulus Resources for U.S. Education
Get information about solutions, news, events, and resources for U.S. K-12 schools and higher education.

Understanding Global Education
Learn about the global discussion by multiple stakeholders on creating a new model for 21st century learning.

Open for Discussion: Cisco Higher Education Blog
Join an open forum on hot topics and relevant issues relating to higher education.

Education Media

Education Events

Cisco Education News

Better Internet Access for Orphans in Malaysia Helps Improve Their Development

Serious Games, Self-Assessments and More: Learning@Cisco Introduces New Technical Education Products

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