Internet of Everything: US$4.6 Trillion Opportunity

Boost productivity, revenue, and citizen experience, while cutting costs. (PDF - 1.15 MB)

Internet of Everything: A $4.6 Trillion Opportunity

Using Technology to Transform Government in the 21st Century

Governing in the 21st century presents new challenges for public officials. Technology is changing the way we interact as global citizens and how we govern. With billions now online, citizens expect to connect with governments and public sector agencies in a secure, simple, and reliable environment. Public service employees need to collaborate across multiple agencies and geographies in real time.

Government officials around the world are exploring new ways of doing things in order to cope with the challenges of globalization, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies, and a more connected citizen base. The solutions to these challenges have two factors in common-connecting people and increasing resources in radically new ways.

Strategic Initiatives

Ten Guidelines for Cutting Costs
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Cloud Computing for Government
See how to reduce costs, provide organizational agility, and transform processes.

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