Focused Technical Support (FTS) Services

Increase Operational Efficiency of Your Staff

Resolve issues faster, increase reliability, and minimize network downtime.

Increase Operational Efficiency of Your Staff

Choose the Support Service that Fits Your Business

Get personalized assistance to significantly expedite resolution of network level issues and to minimalize downtimes of mission critical networks. Set of services fits needs of all-size networks.

  • Technical Support Operation Management
  • High-Touch Operations Management
  • High-Touch Technical Support
  • High-Touch Engineering

What You Get:

  • Designated operations manager relieves your IT staff of administrative tasks; monitors and escalates your service requests, identifies measures to prevent recurring issues, and helps to improve operational efficiency.
  • Easy access to experts familiar with your networking environment; provides troubleshooting support 24x7 and service requests receive priority.
  • Senior-level engineer provides network-level diagnosis and analysis; isolates the root cause of chronic problems and recommend corrective actions.

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Focused Technical Support Case Studies

  1. Improving Healthcare Operations

    Medical testing company improves point-of-care delivery using High-Touch Operations Management Services.

  2. 24 Hour Expert Support

    Telstra has complete faith in their high-touch operations manager because he understands their business objectives and network architecture.

  3. Growing Customer Loyalty

    Food retailer gets closer to their customers with a redesigned data center.

  4. In House Service Expertise Helps IT Department

    Cisco IT saves time reduced IT service delivery times from weeks to minutes with Services from Cisco.

  5. Creating a New Class of Enterprise-Cloud Services

    Savvis delivers tiered cloud services, offering more agility, availability and security, for lower operational cost.

  6. Improve IT Governance

    Ventelo migrated from a reactive to proactive service management environment with Network Optimization Support and High-touch Technical Support services.