Consolidated Platform Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE 3.3SE (Catalyst 3850 Switches)
Configuring IPv6 Mobility
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Configuring IPv6 Mobility

Configuring IPv6 Mobility

Pre-requisites for IPv6 Mobility

The mobility and its related infrastructure must be configured and ready for use.

Information About IPv6 Mobility

Mobility, or roaming, is a wireless LAN client's ability to maintain its association seamlessly from one access point to another securely and with as little latency as possible. This section explains how mobility works whenswitch are included in a wireless network.

When a wireless client associates and authenticates to an access point, the access point's switch places an entry for that client in its client database. This entry includes the client's MAC and IP addresses, security context and associations, quality of service (QoS) contexts, the WLAN, and the associated access point. The switch uses this information to forward frames and manage traffic to and from the wireless client.

When the wireless client moves its association from one access point to another, the switch simply updates the client database with the newly associated access point. If necessary, new security context and associations are established as well. The process becomes more complicated, however, when a client roams from an access point joined to one switch to an access point joined to a different switch. It also varies based on whether theswitch are operating on the same subnet.

Inter Controller Roaming

When the client associates to an access point joined to a new switch, the new switch exchanges mobility messages with the original switch, and the client database entry is moved to the new switch if sticky anchoring is disabled.

Intra Subnet Roaming with Sticky Anchoring, and Inter Subnet Roaming

Inter-subnet roaming is similar to inter-controller roaming in that the switch exchange mobility messages on the client roam. However, instead of moving the client database entry to the new switch, the original switch marks the client with an "Anchor" entry in its own client database. The database entry is copied to the new switch client database and marked with a "Foreign" entry in the new switch. The roam remains transparent to the wireless client, and the client maintains its original IP address.

In inter-subnet roaming, WLANs on both anchor and foreign switch need to have the same network access privileges and no source-based routing or source-based firewalls in place. Otherwise, the clients may have network connectivity issues after the handoff.

For more information on configuring mobility see, the Cisco 5700 Wireless LAN Controller Mobility Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE, Release 3.2SE.

How to Configure IPv6 Mobility

Monitoring IPv6 Mobility

This chapter displays the mobility related IPv6 configuration. To see the mobility related configurations refer to the Cisco 5700 Wireless LAN Controller Mobility Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE 3.2SE.

     Command or ActionPurpose
    Step 1 show ipv6 neighbors binding mac C0C1.C06B.C4E2

    Switch# show ipv6 neighbors binding mac C0C1.C06B.C4E2

    Displays the IPv6 related mobility configurations.

    Switch# show ipv6 neighbors binding mac C0C1.C06B.C4E2
    Binding Table has 45 entries, 37 dynamic (limit 100)
    Codes: L - Local, S - Static, ND - Neighbor Discovery, DH - DHCP, PKT - Other Packet, API - API created
    Preflevel flags (prlvl):
    0001:MAC and LLA match     0002:Orig trunk            0004:Orig access
    0008:Orig trusted trunk    0010:Orig trusted access   0020:DHCP assigned
    0040:Cga authenticated     0080:Cert authenticated    0100:Statically assigned
        IPv6 address                            Link-Layer addr Interface vlan prlvl  age   state    Time left
    L   FE80:20:25::16                          2037.064C.BA71  Vl25        25  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    L   FE80:20:24::16                          2037.064C.BA41  Vl24        24  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    L   FE80:20:23::16                          2037.064C.BA44  Vl23        23  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    ND  FE80:20:23::13                          2037.0653.6BC4  Te1/0/1     23  0005   85s  REACHABLE  223 s try 0
    ND  FE80:20:22::17                          2037.064D.06F6  Te1/0/1     22  0005    3mn REACHABLE  92 s try 0
    L   FE80:20:22::16                          2037.064C.BA76  Vl22        22  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    ND  FE80:20:22::13                          2037.0653.6BF6  Te1/0/1     22  0005  165s  REACHABLE  136 s try 0
    ND  FE80:20:22::12                          2037.064C.94F6  Te1/0/1     22  0005   23s  REACHABLE  281 s try 0
    ND  FE80:20:22::2                           0022.550E.8FC3  Te1/0/1     22  0005   18s  REACHABLE  295 s try 0
    ND  FE80:20:21::17                          2037.064D.06E8  Te1/0/1     21  0005    4mn REACHABLE  60 s try 0
    L   FE80:20:21::16                          2037.064C.BA68  Vl21        21  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    ND  FE80:20:21::13                          2037.0653.6BE8  Te1/0/1     21  0005   57s  REACHABLE  252 s try 0
    ND  FE80:20:21::12                          2037.064C.94E8  Te1/0/1     21  0005    4s  REACHABLE  297 s
    ND  FE80:20:21::2                           0022.550E.8FC2  Te1/0/1     21  0005    2s  REACHABLE  307 s try 0
    ND  FE80::F866:8BE0:12E4:39CF               C0C1.C06B.C4E2  Ca4         21  0005    3mn REACHABLE  89 s try 0
    ND  FE80::6D0A:DB33:D69E:91C7               0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0005  135s  REACHABLE  171 s try 0
    ND  FE80::985:8189:9937:BB05                8CA9.8295.09CC  Ca0         21  0005   15s  REACHABLE  287 s
    ND  FE80::20:24:13                          2037.0653.6BC1  Te1/0/1     24  0005  155s  REACHABLE  145 s try 0
    L   2001:20:23::16                          2037.064C.BA44  Vl23        23  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    DH  2001:20:22:0:C96C:AF29:5DDC:2689        0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0024   19s  REACHABLE  286 s try 0(16574
    DH  2001:20:22:0:A46B:90B2:F0DB:F952        0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0024 2339mn STALE      32401 s
    DH  2001:20:22:0:7DFD:14EC:B1E4:1172        0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0024 2339mn STALE      24394 s
    DH  2001:20:22:0:7CB3:D6DD:FD6A:50F         0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0024 2333mn STALE      29195 s
    DH  2001:20:22:0:6D32:AF24:FDE1:2504        0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0024  509mn STALE      118821 s
    DH  2001:20:22:0:5106:5AD:FE98:A2F0         0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0024 2328mn STALE      31362 s
    ND  2001:20:22::201:13                      0050.B606.A6CE  Te1/0/1     22  0005   49s  REACHABLE  264 s try 0
    L   2001:20:22::16                          2037.064C.BA76  Vl22        22  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    ND  2001:20:22::13                          2037.0653.6BF6  Te1/0/1     22  0005  175s  REACHABLE  131 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:22::2                           0022.550E.8FC3  Te1/0/1     22  0005   28s  REACHABLE  274 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:F866:8BE0:12E4:39CF        C0C1.C06B.C4E2  Ca4         21  0005    4mn REACHABLE  21 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:C085:9D4C:4521:B777        0021.CC73.AA17  Te1/0/1     21  0005   11s  REACHABLE  290 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:6233:4BFF:FE1A:744C        6033.4B1A.744C  Ca4         21  0005    3mn REACHABLE  108 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:447E:745D:2F48:1C68        8CA9.8295.09CC  Ca0         21  0005   34s  REACHABLE  276 s
    ND  2001:20:21:0:3920:DDE8:B29:AD51         C0C1.C06B.C4E2  Ca4         21  0005    3mn REACHABLE  87 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:1016:A333:FAD5:6E66        0021.CC73.AA17  Te1/0/1     21  0005    4mn REACHABLE  18 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:C42:E317:BA9B:EB17         6033.4B1A.744C  Ca4         21  0005    4mn REACHABLE  61 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21:0:985:8189:9937:BB05         8CA9.8295.09CC  Ca0         21  0005  135s  REACHABLE  173 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21::201:20                      0021.CC73.AA17  Te1/0/1     21  0005    4mn REACHABLE  43 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21::17                          2037.064D.06E8  Te1/0/1     21  0005    4mn REACHABLE  50 s try 0
    L   2001:20:21::16                          2037.064C.BA68  Vl21        21  0100 3137mn REACHABLE
    ND  2001:20:21::13                          2037.0653.6BE8  Te1/0/1     21  0005   67s  REACHABLE  237 s try 0
    ND  2001:20:21::12                          2037.064C.94E8  Te1/0/1     21  0005    5mn REACHABLE  512 ms try 0
    ND  2001:20:21::2                           0022.550E.8FC2  Te1/0/1     21  0005   12s  REACHABLE  294 s try 0

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