Consolidated Platform Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE 3.3SE (Catalyst 3850 Switches)
Monitoring Flow Control
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Monitoring Flow Control

Monitoring Flow Control

Finding Feature Information

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Information About Flow Control

Flow control is enabled by default on the switch.

Flow control provides shim layers between WCM and Cisco IOS for a reliable IPC. Every component in WCM has a dedicated channel. Few of the components in WCM have leveraged flow control in that. There is no configuration of flow control from CLI. You can monitor the flow control for any channel.

Monitoring Flow Control

This section describes the new commands for flow control.

The following commands can be used to monitor flow control on the switch.

Table 1 Monitoring Flow Control



show wireless flow-control channel -id

Displays information about flow control on a particular channel.

show wireless flow-control channel-id statistics

Displays statistical information about flow control on a particular channel.

Examples: Monitoring Flow Control

This example shows how to view information pertaining to any channel:
Switch# show wireless flow-control 3

Channel Name        : CAPWAP
FC State            : Disabled
Remote Server State : Enabled
Pass-thru Mode      : Disabled
EnQ Disabled        : Disabled
Queue Depth         : 2048
Max Retries         : 5
Min Retry Gap (mSec): 3

This example shows how to view flow control for a particular channel:
Switch# show wireless flow-control 3

Channel Name                                : CAPWAP
# of times channel went into FC             : 0
# of times channel came out of FC           : 0
Total msg count received by the FC Infra    : 1
Pass-thru msgs send count                   : 0
Pass-thru msgs fail count                   : 0
# of msgs successfully queued               : 0
# of msgs for which queuing failed          : 0
# of msgs sent thru after queuing           : 0
# of msgs sent w/o queuing                  : 1
# of msgs for which send failed             : 0
# of invalid EAGAINS received               : 0
Highest watermark reached                   : 0
# of times Q hit max capacity               : 0
Avg time channel stays in FC (mSec)         : 0

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Feature History and Information For Monitoring Flow Control

Release Feature Information
Cisco IOS XE 3.3SE This feature was introduced.