Cisco 819 Integrated Services Routers Software Configuration Guide
Wireless Device Overview
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Wireless Device Overview

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Wireless Device Overview


TFTP support with Ethernet WAN interface


Wireless Device Overview

The Cisco 819 ISRs provide Internet, VPN, data, and backup capability to corporate teleworkers and remote and small offices of fewer than 20 users. These fixed routers are capable of bridging and multiprotocol routing between LAN and WAN ports and provide advanced features such as antivirus protection.

The fixed 3G routers can be used as the primary WAN connectivity and as a backup for critical applications and can also be used as the primary WAN connection.

Note There are two SIM card slots in the Cisco 819 ISRs. For information on how to install the SIM cards, see Cisco 819 Integrated Services Router Hardware Installation Guide.


TFTP support with Ethernet WAN interface



The Cisco Integrated Services Router G2 (ISR G2) family delivers numerous security services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, and VPN. These security capabilities have been extended with Cisco ISR Web Security with Cisco ScanSafe for a web security and web filtering solution that requires no additional hardware or client software.

Cisco ISR Web Security with Cisco ScanSafe enables branch offices to intelligently redirect web traffic to the cloud to enforce granular security and acceptable use policies over user web traffic. With this solution, you can deploy market-leading web security quickly and can easily protect branch office users from web-based threats, such as viruses, while saving bandwidth, money, and resources.

For more information, see Cisco ISR Web Security with Cisco ScanSafe Solution Guide.

TFTP support with Ethernet WAN interface

Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) is a file transfer protocol notable for its simplicity. It is generally used for automated transfer of configuration or boot files between machines in a local environment.

The Cisco 819H ISR supports TFTP with Ethernet WAN interface that supports data transfer rate of 10 Mbps.

For more information, see the "Using the TFTP Download Command" section.

Note This feature is supported in all Cisco 819 ISRs that have ROMMON version 15.2(2r)T and above.

Note TFTP download using switch port is supported in Cisco 819HGW SKUs only.


The LED is located on the front panel of the router. Table 2-1 describes the 3G LED for the Cisco 819 ISR.

Table 2-1 3G LED Descriptions  




FPGA download is complete.

Green (blinking)

ROMMON is operational.

Green (solid)

IOS is operational.

Green (four blinks during bootup)

Reset button has been pushed during the bootup.


After powering up, when FPGA is being downloaded (in ROMMON).



Network activity on FE Switch ports, GE WAN port, 3G cellular interface, and serial interfaces.


No network activity.



Module is powered on and connected but not transmitting or receiving.

Green (slow blinking)

Module is powered on and searching for connection.

Green (fast blinking)

Module is transmitting or receiving.


Module is not powered.


Green (solid)

Standalone GPS.

Green (slow blinking)

GPS is acquiring.

Yellow (solid)

Assisted GPS.

Yellow (slow blinking)

Assisted GPS is acquiring.


GPS is not configured.


Green (solid)

Signal > -60

Very strong signal

Green (four blinks and then a long pause)

Signal <= -60 to 74

Strong signal

Green (two blinks and then a long pause)

Signal <= -75 to -89

Fair signal

Green (one blink and then a long pause)

Signal <= -90 to -109

Marginal signal


Signal <= -110

Unusable signal

SIM1 ,2

Green / Yellow (one green blink followed by two yellow blinks)

SIM in slot 0 active, SIM in slot 1 is not.

Yellow / Green (one yellow blink followed by two greenblinks)

SIM in slot 1 active, SIM in slot 0 is not.

Off / Green (two green blinks and then pause)

No SIM in slot 0, SIM present in slot 1.

Green / Off (Slow single green blink and then pause)

SIM present in slot0, no SIM in slot 1.

Off / Off

No SIM present in either slots.


One blink green and then pause

For 1xRTT, EGPRS, GPRS service.

Two blink green and then pause


Three blink green and then pause


Green (solid)


1 Not applicable to Verizon and Sprint EVDO modems.

2 There is only one LED to indicate the status two SIMs. A one-blink pattern represents the status of the SIM in slot 0, followed by a two-blink pattern for the SIM in slot 1.

Use the following show commands to check the LED status for your router:

show platform led (for all LEDs)

show controller cellular 0 (for 3G LEDs)

The following is a sample output from the show platform led command and shows the LED status:

router# show platform led 
LEDS  :  SYSTEM   WWAN           RSSI            GPS
STATUS:  GREEN    GREEN          GREEN(2 BLINK)  OFF           
LEDS  :  ACTIVITY   SIM(slot0  / slot1)          3G
STATUS:  OFF            GREEN  / YELLOW          GREEN         
LAN PORTS       :  FE0      FE1      FE2      FE3      
LINK/ENABLE LED :  OFF      OFF      OFF      OFF      
SPEED LED       :  Unknown  Unknown  Unknown  Unknown  
PORT            :  GE-WAN0
SPEED LED       :  Unknown 

The following is a sample output from the show controllers cellular command showing the 3G LED status:

router# show controllers cellular 0
Interface Cellular0
3G Modem-QuadBand HSPA+R7/HSPA/UMTS QuadBand EDGE/GPRS Global and GPS, 
Cellular modem configuration:
GSM-Carrier Type  : Cellular GSM Global.
SKU (PRI) Value: 9900198    .
Modem is recognized as valid
manufacture id:  0x00001199     product id: 0x000068A3
Sierra Wireless Mini Card MC8705 HSPA+R7 modem.
Cellular Dual SIM details:
SIM 0 is present
SIM 0 is active SIM
Modem Management Statistics
Modem resets = 2
Last known modem state = 'application' mode
Packets sent = 2508, Packets received = 44621, Packets pending = 0
DIP MDM link status retry count = 0 pdp context = 0
DIP MDM link up pending = 0 pdp context = 0
IDB Cellular0: DIP profile id = 255
RSSI LED    : 3-blink Green      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Service LED : 3-blink Green      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
SIM LED     : Slot0 - Green;    Slot1 - Off    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
GPS LED     : Off                <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
GPS NMEA port = Disabled   (Stream OFF)
DM port = Disabled