Policy and Charging Control

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Improve your subscribers' experience while controlling network costs from increased data traffic with Cisco Policy and Charging Control. This solution offers:

  • Resource management – fair usage, traffic optimization, and time-based differential charging policies
  • Personalization services – automated use notification, tiered services, parental control, and roaming management policies
  • New services creation – turbo service for a dynamic upgrade, and location-based differential and on-net preferential charging policies

Cisco Policy and Charging Control helps you:

  • Deploy a third-generation partnership project (3GPP) standards-based solution to increase flexibility
  • Move to 4G with only a software upgrade
  • Get low total cost of ownership, high performance, and functionality

This solution delivers three essential capabilities: policy, enforcement, and charging.


This capability includes Cisco Quantum Policy Suite.

This suite provides a next-generation policy management solution that can enable service providers to scale, control, monetize, and personalize any service on any type of network. It does so through a flexible interactive architecture that supports application-centric policy capabilities.

Cisco Quantum can enable policy control and service management across mobile, fixed, and Wi-Fi broadband networks.


The enforcement capability enforces policies on subscriber authentication, access and services, authorization, and accounting mobility.


The charging function includes an online charging system (OCS) for real-time credit control and quota management for subscriber data sessions. It also includes an offline charging system (OFCS) to receive charging data after a subscriber uses network resources.

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