Cisco Licensed Small Cell

Small Cell Benefits for Enterprises

Cisco small cell technology delivers 3G and 4G services integrated with Wi- Fi products. (1:10 min)

Cut Costs; Improve Coverage and Convenience

Improve coverage and capacity while reducing costs and congestion with the Cisco Licensed Small Cell solution. This integrated, end-to-end system features the Universal Small Cell portfolio of ready-to-use 3G and 4G small cell base stations for homes, enterprises, and venues. Small cells help mobile operators implement strategies for building next-generation Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G networks.

The Cisco Licensed Small Cell Solution is:

  • The most widely deployed in the world today
  • Radio engineered for best-in-class self-optimizing networks (SON)
  • Standards-based for real-world, multi-vendor heterogeneous networking

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Cisco Universal Small Cell 7000 Series

The Cisco Universal Small Cell (USC) 7000 Series is designed to help operators quickly provide capacity and coverage to locations where macro 3G and 4G networks cannot do so cost-effectively.

Cisco Universal Small Cell 5000 Series

The Cisco USC 5000 Series is a flexible platform designed to help provide 3G and 4G services within an enterprise or hotspot.

Universal Small Cell 3000 Series

The Cisco USC 3000 Series provides state-of-the art 3G coverage indoors for homes and small offices.

Cisco ASR 901S Series Aggregation Services Routers

Extend routing intelligence to the pole in order to break the small cell backhaul bottleneck for metrocell deployments.

Cisco ASR 5000 Series Small Cell Gateway

Give subscribers easy access as they transparently roam between 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, and small cell networks.

Cisco ASR 5000 Series

Use this integrated platform for licensed or unlicensed small cell solutions, combining high capacity, high availability, and powerful performance with subscriber and network intelligence.

Cisco Broadband Access Center

Automate the tasks of provisioning and managing your small cell service with this highly scalable and available component of the Cisco Licensed Small Cell Solution.

Cisco Advanced Services for Service Providers

Accelerate your success in deploying a mobile network with Cisco wireless solutions for service providers.