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Blueprint for the Unified Data Center

Build a Unified Data Center for cloud or traditional environments.

Blueprint for the Unified Data Center

Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center Framework

This document describes the Cisco VMDC cloud infrastructure architecture.

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The Cisco VMDC architecture is a blue print for creating and deploying scalable, highly secure, and resilient infrastructure for both cloud and traditional data center environments. It can meet the needs of enterprise, service provider, and public sector customers. The architecture consists of modular validated designs that address specific areas, and the VMDC modules can be combined to offer a pre-integrated design approach.

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Each VMDC design release addresses different tenancy models and the relevant products. New releases do not necessary obsolete older releases. For questions, contact

Intercloud Data Center ACI 1.0

VMDC Cloud Security

VMDC DCI 1.x: Next Generation Business Continuity and Workload Mobility

VMDC VSA 1.0.2: Nexus 9000 Insertion in Stand-alone Mode

VMDC VSA 1.0.1: Mixed Physical/Virtual Container and C-Mode Storage

VMDC VSA 1.0: Virtual Services Architecture

VMDC 3.0: FabricPath Based Design

VMDC 2.3: Lower Cost, Higher Scale

VMDC 2.2: Enhanced Security and Scale

VMDC 2.1: Multi-Tenancy Performance Enhancements

VMDC 2.0: Extended Separation and Orchestration

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