Cisco Catalyst 2900 XL Series Switches

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Catalyst 2900 Series XL Software Release 11.2(8) SA3 is new software that supports port-based Virtual LANs (VLANs) in all Catalyst 2900 Series XL desktop switches. With this new software Catalyst 2900 XL switches support up to 64 separate intraswitch VLANs (non-ISL-trunks). This capability allows data packets to be forwarded only to those stations within a specific VLAN, creating a virtual firewall between VLANs.

Cisco Visual Switch Manager, easy-to-use management software for the Catalyst 2900 XL, is also enhanced in this software release. Used with any standard Web browser, Visual Switch Manager enables real-time viewing and management of a collection of Catalyst 2900 XL switches through visual maps.

Software Release SA3 is embedded in all new Catalyst 2900 Series XL switches. The software is also available as an easy upgrade via Cisco`s Software Center. For more information access the following URL:

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