Cisco CRS-1 Multishelf System

Multichassis Scale for Next-Generation Internet

The Cisco CRS Carrier Routing System powers the foundation for network and service convergence today while protecting investments for decades to come. The Cisco CRS Multichassis System is the most widely deployed multichasssis router, with over 1000 systems operating at many of the world's largest network operators.

The Cisco CRS Multichassis System:

  • Consists of 2 to 72, 400-Gbps-per-slot line-card shelves and 1 to 8 fabric shelves for a total switching capacity of nearly a petabit per second.
  • Supports in-service upgrade from single-shelf to multishelf configuration with the addition of 1 to 8 fabric shelves
  • Protects investments by using modular services cards (MSCs) and physical layer interface modules (PLIMs) that are fully interchangeable across the entire CRS product family
  • Easily accommodates a combination of CRS-1, CRS-3, and CRS-X chassis

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