Cisco Lightstream ATM Switches

End-of-Life Announcement of the LightStream 100

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Cisco Systems ® Workgroup Business Unit is announcing the End of Life of the LightStream ® 100 LS100 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switch product. This product has been supplanted by the LightStream 1010 ATM Switch product. The products affected by this announcement are listed in the following table with relevant dates.

Table 1. LightStream 100 ATM Switch Product

Product Affected

Closest LightStream 1010 Model

HS-A100: LightStream 100 16-Port Modular ATM Switch

LightStream 1010-BASE5: LightStream 1010 (chassis, ASP, power supply, default image) plus


A100-TXI-MM: TAXI Multimode Fiber Interface


A100-S3-MM: STS3c/STM1 Multimode Fiber Interface Card

WAI-OC3-4MM: 4-port STS3c/STM1 multimode fiber PAM

A100-S3-SS: STS3c/STM1 Single-Mode Fiber Interface Card

WAI-OC3-4SS: 4-port STS3c/STM1 single-mode fiber PAM

A100-S3-U5: STS3c/STM1 UTP-5 Interface Card

WAI-OC3-4U5: 4-port STS3c/STM1 UTP-5 PAM

A100-E3-BNC: E3 Coaxial Cable Interface Card

WAI-E3-2BNC: 2-port E3 PAM

A100-E3-BNC: T3 Coaxial Cable Interface Card

WAI-T3-2BNC: 2-port T3 PAM

End-of-Sale: Oct 31, 1996
Last Ship Date: Dec 31, 1996
Last Date of Support: October 31, 1999.
Please inform your customers of this coming support program so that they will know that their investments are protected.


There is no planned LightStream 100 to LightStream 1010 trade-in or upgrade program.
For more information on the LightStream 1010 ATM Switch products, visit:
This information is also available on the Cisco Connection Sales Tools CD-ROM.