Cisco Software Activation on Integrated Services Routers

Evolving Software Licensing and Packaging for the Branch Office

Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2), built for the next wave of branch office evolution, evolves licensing from “right to use” to “software activation licensing,” helping you realize operational savings through reduced service calls, ease of software ordering, simplified software management, and greater flexibility in deploying new features.

Each ISR G2 ships with a universal Cisco IOS Software image and requires Software Activation Licensing keys to activate IOS functionality. New devices are shipped with Software Activation License preinstalled for the features ordered with the router.

Simplify Router Deployment and Management

  • A single IOS universal image will ship with all ISR G2 platforms
  • Four IOS enforceable technology package licenses enable full IOS functionality, simplifying ordering

Operational Simplicity

  • Try before you buy: Temporary licenses let you evaluate new IOS functionality before purchase
  • Pay for features as you need them: Use a software key to enable new features incrementally in the field without a truck roll


  • Software Activation Quick Start: An overview of software activation and the steps required for installation and activation on ISR G2.
  • Software Licenses Available: A list of all IOS technology packages and feature licenses supported on ISR G2.
  • Universal IOS Packaging: An overview of the simplified IOS packaging model, IOS technology package licenses, and migration path to the simplified IOS packaging model on ISR G2.
  • Q & A on Licensing and Packaging: Covers software activation and the new simplified IOS packaging model on ISR G2.
  • ISR G2 Software Activation Deployment Guide: A comprehensive deployment guide for software activation licenses on ISR G2 with details on terminology, installation, RMA license transfer, and other topics. Also provides a comprehensive overview of the simplified packaging model on ISR G2.
Featured Content

Cisco Software Activation
Get information on Cisco IOS software activation, including documentation, an overview, white paper, user’s guides, workflows, Flash demo, Q and A, and downloads.

Cisco Licensing Manager
A secure client/server application for easy license management on ISR G2.

Administrative Operations for Software Activation
Provides licensing administrative operations such as registering a PAK, RMAs, and rehosting a licensing.


Product Portfolio

1900 Series1900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Secure Mobility Platform, part of the ISR G2 family

  • 25-Mbps WAN access with services
  • Factory-selectable integrated wireless 802.11n option
  • Desktop form factor with double-wide HWIC support

2900 Series2900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Secure Collaboration Platform, part of the ISR G2 family

  • Up to 75-Mbps WAN access with services
  • Video-ready DSP support
  • Increased service density with Second Services module slot

3900 Series3900 Series Integrated Services Routers
Scalable Rich-Media Services Platform, part of the ISR G2 family

  • Up to 150-Mbps WAN access with services
  • Upgradable Services Performance Engine (SPE) for future expansion
  • Configurable dual integrated redundant power supplies
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