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Discover Cloud Usage to Manage Costs and Risk

Become more agile, reduce risks, and improve public cloud costs. Know the public cloud services being used in your business.

  • Gain the process and tools to manage your existing cloud services, launch new ones faster, and be more responsive to business needs with Cisco Cloud Consumption Services
  • Learn more about Cisco Cloud Consumption Assessment Services (PDF - 362 KB) Adobe PDF file and Optimization Services. (PDF - 743 KB) Adobe PDF file


More Securely Scale Service Delivery

Accelerate service delivery and time-to-value in multi-source environments. Build and scale service ecosystems to meet business requirements and improve customer satisfaction with Cisco ServiceGrid.


Manage Your Network Proactively

Smart Net Total Care helps solve problems faster, improves operational efficiency, and reduces the risk of downtime proactively.

  • Track your network assets, set security alerts and receive proactive diagnostics with Smart Net Total Care.


Implement a Network that Securely Supports Your Evolving Business

Use leading practices to enable the transition of your network to support new business models.

  • You can transform your business with an architectural approach and integrate best practices using Network Architecture Services. (PDF - 585 KB) Adobe PDF file


Optimize Your Business Architecture

Maximize your network investment using performance, benchmarking, deployment and incident trending analytics to intelligently run your network.

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