Cisco Prime Order Management

Create and Fulfill Services Rapidly

Cisco Prime Order Management is a true end-to-end, carrier grade, service fulfillment system, based on the J2EE standard. It is designed to meet the demanding scalability and performance requirements of today's communications service providers.

Feature and Benefits

In addition to offering straightforward systems integration, some of the benefits of Cisco Prime Order Management include:

  • Faster service introduction
  • Full automation of service delivery and workflow
  • Reduced order fulfillment timescales
  • Better visibility of progress and service quality
  • Improved customer satisfaction

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Figure 1 Web portals that facilitate activities in service delivery process

Some of the features of Cisco Prime Order Management include:

  • Designer Client, which provides a user-friendly interface that allows simple entry of new orders and management of existing orders.
  • Web Client, which allows the placing of orders for pre-configured services, including storage of customer information, entry and modification of orders, job tracking, and progress monitoring
  • Notification Client, which provides a simple, easy-to-use background connection to the work queue
  • Service Designer Client, which allows simple creation of services from components published from the service designer
  • Archiving API which allows fast and accurate archiving of order records

The BulkLoad Utility allows bulk downloading of orders into the Cisco Prime Order Management application database using XML format files. The Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) and PL/SQL APIs offers the ability to perform tasks including create, get, search, modify, and delete of common Order Management data entities.

About Cisco Prime

The Cisco Prime portfolio of enterprise and service provider management offerings empowers IT organizations to more effectively manage their networks and the services they deliver. Built on a service-centered foundation, the Cisco Prime portfolio of products supports integrated lifecycle management through an intuitive workflow-oriented user experience. The portfolio of Cisco Prime solutions for service providers provides end-to-end management for next-generation IP networks, mobility, video, and managed services.

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