Cisco Prime Fulfillment

More Efficient Service Delivery

More Efficient Service Delivery

Cisco Prime Fulfillment Multi-Vendor Service Orchestration (MVSO) is now available. See how it can help you boost profits.

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Cisco Prime for IP Next Generation Networks

Cisco Prime Fulfillment

Find out more about Cisco's comprehensive service fulfillment solution to easily create or modify products and quickly convert customer orders into live services.

Cisco Prime Fulfillment provides the following business benefits:

  • Faster revenue generation of new services
  • Compatibility with existing systems for delivery of new, value-added services
  • Efficient reuse of resources and intelligence
  • Highly secure alignment of order processing, inventory management, and network activation before new service launches
  • Automated provisioning of next-generation services across multiple architectures

Cisco Prime Fulfillment is provided in four different offerings, depending on your business needs:

Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment

Cisco Prime Order Fulfillment is offered as a single package and provides end-to-end service fulfillment with three primary capabilities, including:

Cisco Prime Active Catalog is a service creation, product lifecycle management, and process orchestration platform. It supports third-party platforms.

Cisco Prime Order Management orchestrates, monitors, and controls all the detailed order processes that the customer service fulfillment cycle involves.

Cisco Prime Service Inventory manages all the resources that you need for successful service delivery and network operations. It covers the range from customer handsets and devices to access and core network equipment.

Cisco Prime Active Catalog

Cisco Prime Active Catalog is offered as an individual package and provides product lifecycle management and cross-domain orchestration over existing service delivery systems.

Cisco Prime Provisioning

Cisco Prime Provisioning is offered as an individual package. It provides automated resource management and rapid, profile-based provisioning capabilities, supporting Cisco devices.

Cisco Prime Fulfillment Multivendor Service Orchestration (MVSO)

Cisco Prime Fulfillment MVSO automates the provisioning of Metro Ethernet Forum services across Cisco / Alcatel-Lucent networks.

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Cisco Prime Fulfillment

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