Cisco Broadband Access Center

Simplify Service Activation and Management

Get the latest release of this product, now called Cisco Prime Cable Provisioning.

You face tremendous challenges in keeping pace with the rapid evolution of services and transitions to new products. Cisco Broadband Access Center is a comprehensive network management solution that reduces time to market for new services and accelerates revenue.

Keep Pace with Evolving Services

Triple-play bundles (video, voice, and data) can help you offer a set of expanded services in the Connected Home. They have evolved to differentiated services, such as:

  • High definition
  • Digital video recorders
  • Higher speeds
  • Femtocell

Products are also more available and interchangeable as a result of more broadband choices, including:

  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Mobile
  • Fiber
  • Satellite

At the same time, over-the-top services such as Skype, Hulu, Netflix, Google Voice, Apple TV, and Geek Squad negatively affect average revenue per user (ARPU). In addition, support costs are rapidly increasing with the growing number of devices and new service deployments.

Broadband Access Center simplifies service activation and management and helps you:

  • Automate network configuration, provisioning, and management, with flexible options for data, voice, and video applications
  • Scale to almost any size network, as shown by more than 60 million pieces of customer premises equipment under management now
  • Lower operating expenses by increasing operator efficiency and reducing network management problems

Broadband Access Center is a market leader, with:

  • More than 140 service providers worldwide
  • More than 60 percent market share with cable providers in North America

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