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We see, act, and collectively respond to threats immediately to strengthen our solutions and, ultimately, your defense.

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The future of ransomware: Inside Cisco Talos threat hunters

See how Cisco Talos threat hunters are identifying new and evolving ransomware threats, and how Talos' research and intelligence helps organizations build a more secure future.

Powering the Cisco portfolio with intelligence

Deep visibility

Visibility into a robust set of telemetry creates rapid and actionable threat intelligence, bolstering your defense.

Actionable intelligence

The intelligence we gather fuels our solutions, in near real time, and is shared to enable the cybersecurity community to act.

Collective response

The ability to rapidly push security updates across our solutions enables an appropriate, global, and collective response to threats.

Cisco Talos Incident Response

Cisco Talos Incident Response can fortify your readiness and defense

We are your trusted partner for emergency incident response and proactive services. Let our experts work with you to bolster your defenses with IR plans, playbooks, customized intelligence research, and experienced responders.

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Cisco Talos 2023 Year in Review

Get data-backed insights on the major trends that shaped the threat landscape in 2023.