Cisco Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series Switches

Cisco Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series Switches

Fast, secure network connectivity, even in tight spaces​

Extend fast, secure, and fully managed connectivity to devices in harsh operating conditions and space-constrained environments.

​Boost speed, security, and reliability—while saving space

Easily place in confined spaces. Integrate within connected industrial solutions that are custom-built and turnkey.​

Incorporate within turnkey industrial solutions​

Deliver fully managed, secure, and reliable custom-built machinery by connecting individual devices within your industrial solution.

Join the circular economy

Invest in products that are designed, built, and delivered with sustainability in mind. The Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series eliminates the use of paint with anodization and uses 100% recyclable packaging.

​​Bring the best of IT networking into your operations

Gain enterprise-grade networking capabilities with the modern Cisco IOS-XE operating software, management by Cisco Catalyst Center, and fast recovery for resilient operations.

​​Protect your operations with best-in-class security​

​​Reduce risk and defend your operations against cyberthreats with device authentication, access control, and network segmentation.​

Cisco Catalyst IE3x00   Rugged Series switches

Bring simplicity, flexibility, and security to the IoT edge.

​​Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series models​

Unlock the next-level capabilities of the Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series and experience the power of Cisco Catalyst Center network management.

​Cisco Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series demo video

See how the Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series opens possibilities​

​​Get an up-close look at the Catalyst IE3100 Rugged Series.​

​​Get expert guidance​

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