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Cisco Secure Email

Advanced protection to safeguard your inboxes

Email is still the No 1 threat vector. Expand the scope of your defences to detect dangerous threats and rapidly respond to and remediate new threats in real time.

Comprehensive defence for the most damaging threats

Expansive email security protects your employees and organisation, while empowering your security response.

Harness advanced threat analysis

Identify the malicious techniques used in attacks targeting your organisation. Understand the specific business risks and categorise threats to gain insight into the parts of your organisation that are most vulnerable to attack.

Expedite your response with robust, actionable threat data

Searchable threat analysis data provides critical contextual insight to the attack scope and breadth, and expedites remediation.

Optimise your defences

Threats come from numerous sources: phishing, business email compromise, malware and ransomware. Defend against all of them with industry-leading threat intelligence that empowers you to act quickly.

Drive efficient processes

Use the orchestration feature in Cisco SecureX to simplify workflows, reduce the burden on your team and focus on more strategic initiatives.

Better together

SecureX threat detection and remediation

Cisco SecureX

Expand your threat detection and response capabilities using the automation and remediation features in SecureX.

Advanced security for cloud email

Cloud Mailbox

Enhance Microsoft 365's native security to stop email threats before they reach your users.

Awareness training for safer, smarter choices

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Stop threats – before they cause compromise – with powerful detection and response capabilities.

Flexible licence options that fit your email security needs

Secure Email Essentials

Powered by the global threat intel from Cisco Talos, easy-to-manage tools help you spend less time managing alerts. Quickly detect emerging threats and quarantine suspected threats to prevent their spread.

recommended for SMB

Secure Email Advantage

Includes all Essentials features plus enhanced data loss prevention. Empowers admins to create rules to prevent unauthorised data sharing and encrypt outbound emails.

Secure Email Premier

Includes all Advantage features plus Secure Email Cloud Mailbox with automated threat detection and Secure Awareness Training to teach your teams how to best protect themselves and your organisation.

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