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Cisco Secure Insights

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Upcoming Cisco Secure Events

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so don't miss out on our live webinars to help you take the right action on definding against cyber criminals.

More information on the campaign can be found here

How to survive the “Golden Age” of Ransomware

Join our panel on 4th October at 10am BST/11am CET as they discuss top takeaways from recent high-profile attacks, new trends being used by threat actors and their targets, fresh and innovative ways to reduce risk and  increase resilience, plus hear from Cisco’s own IT team on what we do and we’ve learnt.

Please note: optional French and German subtitles will be available for the event

Click or Treat? How not to fall for a phishing attack this Halloween

"Don't get spooked by phishing scams! 👻" Join our panel on 31st October at 10am BST/11am CET, for a ghoulishly good Halloween special as we dive into the tricks of modern phishing attacks. Phishing has evolved to be more precise and deceptive than ever before, with the influx of mobile devices, screen sizes and many other sophisticated schemes tricking users into divulging information that can compromise credentials.

Please note: optional French and German subtitles will be available for the event

Building a Resilient Security Architecture for the Hybrid World

Join Rob Lay, lead systems architect, for an interactive session to discuss the latest developments and approaches to developing effective security architectures that meet the requirements of today's Hybrid World and builds security resilience. Wednesday 14th September 11am (GMT+1).

From VPN to VPN-less: Modernising Secure Remote Access

Help your remote or hybrid workforce stay safe, save time and continue doing what they do best. Join this Cisco Secure webinar 'From VPN to VPN-less: Modernizing Secure Remote Access' on 20th Sept at 10am BST

Cisco Umbrella Live Demo

Join security experts David Gormley, Product Marketing Leader, and JT Clay, Technical Marketing Engineering, Technical Leader, for a 45-minute live demo with Q&A.

October 5 at 11:00AM BST

Threat Hunting Workshops

Threat Hunting workshops will uncover best practices for threat hunting, learn how to incorporate threat hunting into your daily workflow, network with your peers to share strategies and techniques, and execute real-world lab scenarios.

Zero Trust Workshops

Join us for a virtual hands-on workshop to learn how to simplify and accelerate your zero-trust adoption and take your security expertise to new heights. In this workshop, you will discover how to implement zero-trust to deliver results, integrate zero-trust into your daily workflow, uncover best practices you can use right away, and network with your peers to share strategies, techniques and outcomes. 

Cisco Umbrella Studios

Deploy and build your own Umbrella SIG configuration in a lab environment. Explore security use cases and how Umbrella SIG can solve them. Plus get a sneak-peak of upcoming features and complete challenges and a short survey to win prizes!

On-demand webinars

XDR webinar

Learn how Cisco Secure's XDR approach helps ​SOC teams deal with threats ​more efficiently.

Understanding the top cybersecurity practices for successful hybrid working

Watch our panel of experts discuss the top 5 security practices for success and what this means for Hybrid Work and Zero Trust programmes.


As more companies shifted to a hybrid workplace model this year, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), took centre stage. Join us for a 5-session series to hear what our experts say it takes to connect and protect your users as they work from anywhere.

An Introduction to Cisco Secure Application

Learn how Cisco Secure Application provides a modern security solution that protects applications at runtime.

Help relieve the burden with automated protection

Find out more about the tools and services available to help your business more easily identify and deal with security threats.

Cisco Security Analytics and Logging Supercharging your Firewall

Learn how to enhance visibility and threat detection by providing a single pane of glass for network security management and configuration.

The Future of Firewall

The network perimeter as we know it no longer exists so does that mean the network firewall is dead? Not so fast. The firewall has never been more relevant, we just need to think differently about it.

Discover how Cisco Secure Application provides a modern security solution that protects applications at runtime. Get a detailed view of our security tool from our team of security experts, and learn how to proactively prevent daily security threats.

Zero Trust

Secure access for your workforce, workloads and workplace.

SecureX: simplified security, built into the solutions you already have

Connect the breadth of Cisco’s security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across network, endpoint, cloud, and applications.

Improve your security with network segmentation

Learn how network segmentation can improve your security.

Secure Remote Worker

From securing endpoints, sanctioning software, secure corporate network connections and scam awareness, our experts will guide you through what is critical and how to get these security essentials in place.

Arming Your Workforce to Combat the Rise In Phishing

Hear how Security Awareness Training can change long term human behaviour and help organisations improve their overall security posture.

Archived webinars

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