Take Cybersecurity Action

Make this Cybersecurity Awareness Month epic. Explore educational content, events, and activities to build a safer digital environment and more secure future.

Empower: Uphold cybersecurity excellence

Embark on a journey of cybersecurity excellence, from fostering a strong security culture to elevating your skill set and understanding risks in your daily lives.

Closing the cybersecurity skills gap

Francine Katsoudas, EVP and Chief People, Policy, and Purpose Office at Cisco, shares how Cisco is helping to bridge the skills gap challenge the industry faces.

CyberOps and security training giveaway

Enhance your cybersecurity skills for free when you enter the giveaway.

Introduction to Cybertraining

Take this introductory course on cybersecurity and learn how to protect your personal digital life.

Alessandro Braga, CDO of Talent Garden, Europe's biggest digital skills platform, works with Cisco so everyone can work securely.

Building a career she loves

Here's how Cecilia Correa, senior director of security brand marketing at Cisco, built a career she loves in cybersecurity.

The freedom to be herself drives Stacey Young's impactful work as a site reliability engineering manager at Cisco

Protect: Build resilience for a changing world

Confidently navigate the evolving business landscape and establish strong cybersecurity hygiene practices.

Why CEOs are cyber resilient

Richard Archdeacon, advisory CISO at Cisco, shares steps CEOs can take to address cyber resilience.

See how Cisco Security protects Hokkaido Ball Park to enable the team to deliver a great game experience for fans.

Luigi Vassallo, Sara Assicurazioni COO and CTO,  uses Cisco Secure for better resilience and customer results.

See how Cisco's network security blocks cyberattacks for the NFL and customers around the world.

Ecosystem as a security asset

In a Beer with Talos podcast, hear how to set up deception systems and make access difficult for intruders.

Forrester: Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2023

Stay ahead of threats like AI tools, geopolitical risks, cloud complexity, ransomware, and social engineering.

Phishing For Dummies

Unlock the latest threats, trends, risks, and approaches to uplevel your phishing prevention program.

Talos 2023 Half Year in Review

From ransomware groups to mercenary spaces, these were the top threats through June 2023.

Innovate: Responsibly incorporate innovations

Take charge and responsibly incorporate AI innovations in the workplace and your everyday life.

Controlling ChatGPT security risks

Dive into common ChatGPT risk control use cases and how to address them to prevent sensitive business data leaks.

AI: Risk or opportunity

Advisory CISO Richard Archdeacon identifies opportunities and vulnerabilities AI brings to an organization.

Security hero: Dr. Christopher P. Mitchell

Meet Dr. Christopher P. Mitchell, CISO for the City of Houston and Cybersecurity Defender of 2023 in the Americas Region.

AI is here: How should CISOs respond? (1:48)

Anthony Grieco, SVP, CISO at Cisco, explains the role AI plays in security at Cisco.

The AI advantage (0:47)

Jeetu Patel, Cisco EVP and GM for Security and Collaboration, explains how AI is improving the cybersecurity stack.

The life and death of passwords (12:15)

Explore how AI-driven innovations like Duo eliminate the need for passwords for modern users and enterprises.

Collaborate: Drive collective power for cybersecurity

Drive the collective power of cybersecurity in your community and organization.

Sustainable cybersecurity

Gain insights about sustainable cybersecurity from Lindsay Welch, executive editor at Decipher.

7 obstacles to resilience

Identify and address these roadblocks to enable a collaborative cybersecurity environment.

Securing against threats

Read the SMB Dynamo report to learn how to coordinate your defenses and deliver on IT security outcomes..

Cisco Insider Advocate Satish Chowdhary explains how Cisco powers hybrid work and IOT security for Ampol.

Driving innovation from within

In a Security Stories podcast, Raj Chopra, SVP of product management at Cisco, addresses strategies to drive innovation.

ThreatWise TV looks at Talos' efforts to protect Ukrainian critical infrastructure and the impact on its teams.