Cisco SecureX

Simplified security for a more resilient business

SecureX, our cloud-native platform with XDR capabilities, integrates the Cisco Secure portfolio with your whole security infrastructure, speeding up detection, response and recovery.

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The broadest, most integrated platform

SecureX delivers a consistent, built-in experience across your products. Get unified visibility, intuitive automation and robust security for your entire security portfolio.


Automate routine tasks using prebuilt workflows that align to common use cases. Or build your own workflows with our low- to no-code, drag-and-drop canvas.

Threat response

Detect, respond and recover faster with superior insights and context. Accelerate threat investigations and incident management by gathering and correlating global intelligence in a single view.

Device insights

Get a comprehensive device inventory with the contextual awareness needed to identify gaps in coverage and simplify security investigation.

Ribbon and single sign-on

Use the dashboard ribbon for quick access to SecureX features. Single sign-on helps you share and maintain context around incidents in one location.

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Get started with SecureX

Simply log in with your Cisco credentials to activate SecureX and start securing your network, users and endpoints, cloud edge and applications with a simplified platform approach.

Unlock more value with SecureX

secure endpoint stat

Cisco Secure Endpoint

Stop threats – before they cause compromise – with powerful detection and response capabilities.

Cisco Secure Network Analytics

Enable behavioural detection with visibility across the network and cloud.

Cisco Umbrella

Get cloud security that delivers industry-leading visibility and threat protection.

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