Cisco Unified Communications System for Contact Center Release 6.0(1)

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The Cisco documentation wiki (DocWiki Opens new window) contains information on a number of Cisco product-related topics. Among these is a category for Cisco Unified Communications Systems, which currently includes topics for:

Unified Communications System Design Opens new window: This topics includes information and tutorials on design tools such as the Cisco Unified Communications Sizing Tool, which can be used to design and model solutions for existing and prospective customers.

Unified Communications System Implementation Opens new window: This topic includes information on installing and configuring system components, and provides detailed configuration examples based on tested deployment models.

Unified Communications System Operations Opens new window: This topic includes information on the tasks you need to perform to maintain and optimize your system and keep it operating as trouble-free as possible. These tasks are broken down into two areas: one-time and infrequent tasks, and regular and scheduled tasks.

Unified Communications System Troubleshooting Opens new window: This topic includes information that will assist you with isolating and resolving problems you may have with Unified Communications system components. This topic offers sections for system troubleshooting methodology and commonly encountered problems.

For additional Cisco Unified Communications topics posted on the Cisco documentation wiki, see Opens new window.