Metreos VoIP Applications

Metreos offers packaged VoIP applications that add immediate value to your IP telephony platform:

  • PhoneProxy — Enables secure deployment of IP phones to homes without a VPN router, and secures IP Communicator traffic between voice and data VLANs.
  • ClusterMobility — Enables mobile users to move freely among CallManager clusters, retaining phone number and features.
  • RapidRecord — Records all calls placed to and from a specified set of IP phones, and can also be used by end users to selectively record calls they make or receive.


Metreos VoIP Application Environment

Metreos also offers the industry's first and only complete VoIP application environment, enabling the rapid development, reliable execution and automated management of VoIP applications that converge voice and data, streamlining business processes for competitive advantage.

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