Step Inside Casa Cisco at the Rio 2016 Games

Overlooking the beautiful Sugarloaf Mountain on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Casa Cisco serves as the primary hospitality showcase for valued Cisco customers and partners during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The experience will allow guests to engage in meaningful conversation around the work the company is doing to support the Games and digitally transform both the city of Rio and the world as a whole.

Casa Cisco occupies a significantly renovated historical officers club in Urca. The updated site will serve as part of Cisco’s Olympic legacy, by being donated back upon completion of the Games. The venue is as a place where people can relax, enjoy the breathtaking views of Sugarloaf, watch Olympic sports on screen, and be entertained and intrigued by Cisco stories. This is the spirit of how business is done in Brazil; face to face over food and drink, and all about relationships.

“I am incredibly proud to be here at Casa Cisco,” said Karen Walker, Cisco SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, at the grand opening festivities on August 5. “The customers have been just blown away - the setting, the technology, and how we showcase our values and our amazing employees. Customers and partners come through and engage in a very interactive way. They really learn about the history of our time here in Rio, both in the run-up to the Games and how we plan to leave a legacy.”

Casa Cisco’s interactive experiences share the Cisco message of the transformative power of technology. Read on to learn more about the journey through Casa Cisco:

Before even stepping foot inside Casa Cisco, the visitor will immediately notice the stunning and brightly colored mural welcoming them to the venue. The walls of Casa Cisco are covered in original geometric murals created specifically for the house by famous Brazilian street artist, Ficore.

Cisco Boteca Restaurant

After passing through the Welcome Reception and Registration Desk, guests will find themselves in the Cisco Boteco Restaurant - an energetic restaurant and lounge that celebrates the Olympic Games and serves up traditional Brazilian food and drink. Visitors are invited and encouraged to relax, take in the spectacular location views, enjoy the Olympic events on the screens, and engage in meaningful conversation with Cisco hosts.

Transformation Bar Experience

Cisco’s Urban Innovation Legacy Program comes to life in the Transformation Bar Experience. As part of our Olympic legacy, Cisco is committed to fostering social and urban innovation in Rio, by deploying a Connected Urban IoT Platform capable of supporting new urban smart services in Porto Maravilha. By driving entrepreneurship and transforming citizens from consumers to makers of the city, Porto Maravilha is becoming an “urban living lab.”

The Transformation Bar Experience in Casa Cisco consists of three interaction activations – Hear the City, Porto Maravilha Virtual Reality and the Urban Innovation Legacy Panel.

Guests are invited to feel the music of Cisco’s IoT platform by immersing themselves in the Hear the City experience. Step inside the installation and listen to music generated from the decoding of five streams of city and Cisco infrastructure data: connectivity, traffic, happiness, weather, and time. View the reactive lighting designs on the ceiling that draw attention to each isolated data channel sound. And be sure to glance down at your feet where enticing floor projections show generative graphics corresponding to each data channel. Download this first-of-its-kind app at

Experience the power of virtual reality and be transported to Porto Maravilha through 360-degree video with 3D graphics that materialize the digitized city. Engage with your surroundings as you’re guided through an urban innovation story told in a virtual world, allowing you to feel and visualize the integration of city, people and technology.

The Urban Innovation Legacy Panel allows visitors to explore the core pillars of the Urban Innovation Platform. The panel senses gestures and movements, allowing the visitor to manipulate 3D images and shapes on the screen in order to learn more about each of the Urban Innovation solutions deployed in Porto Maravilha.

There’s Never Been a Better Time

After leaving the Transformation Bar area, guests walk through an outdoor patio with an incredible view of Sugarloaf Mountain, before walking upstairs into an artistic story wall depicting our new brand campaign, “There’s Never Been a Better Time.”

Graphics on the story portals and the banners layer and combine to create the iconic “Selaron Steps,” a set of world-famous steps in Rio De Janeiro. When the graphics are viewed from the appropriate spot, they align to reveal the complete message and image, “There’s Never Been a Better Time to Have a Lasting Impact.” Guests are invited to dive deeper into each of Cisco’s four campaign stories at their own pace and interest level, and finish by ascending up the depiction of iconic stairs.

Connected Rio, Connected World

The top floor of Casa Cisco dynamically illustrates Cisco’s commitment to Brazil – we have been here for nearly three decades, and we are committed to being part of the local community into the future. Immersive activations showcase how Cisco is connecting more people to the Olympic Games, connecting more Brazilians to technology and opportunities, and securely connecting everything to make anything possible.

The Cisco in Brazil Timeline covers occupies one wall and continues onto the floor, showing Cisco’s involvement in Brazil, the Olympic Games and the digitization of the world.

Another wall showcases Cisco’s Backstage Heroes – celebrating all the people working behind the scenes to support the delivery of the Olympic Games. These Heroes shown on the wall are just some of the people who have been working tirelessly in all facets of Cisco’s Rio 2016 Program.

“I am blown away by our incredible local and global teams who came together to make this possible,” Walker said.

Grand Finale

After completing the journey through Casa Cisco, guests arrive on a balcony overlooking the beach and Sugarloaf Mountain. It is a setting that is sure to inspire postcard-like pictures that leave lasting memoires of the visit to Casa Cisco.