link debounce

To enable the debounce timer on an interface, use the link debounce command. To disable the timer, use the no form of this command.

link debounce [time milliseconds]

no link debounce

Syntax Description

time milliseconds

(Optional) Specifies the extended debounce timer. The range is from 0 to 5000 milliseconds. A value of 0 milliseconds disables the debounce time.

Command Default


Command Modes

Interface configuration mode

Command History



This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

The port debounce time is the amount of time that an interface waits to notify the supervisor of a link going down. During this time, the interface waits to see if the link comes back up. The wait period is a time when traffic is stopped.

Caution When you enable the debounce timer, link up and link down detections are delayed, resulting in a loss of traffic during the debounce period. This situation might affect the convergence of some protocols.


This example shows how to enable the debounce timer and set the debounce time to 1000 milliseconds for an Ethernet interface:

switch# configure terminal  switch(config)# interface ethernet 1/1 switch(config-if)# link debounce time 1000 

This example shows how to disable the debounce timer for an Ethernet interface:

switch(config-if)# no link debounce 

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