How to Gain Operational Excellence Safely and Securely

Second phase: Visibility and control

The next step is to be able to protect against threats and application misuse, while ensuring that the systems run as intended without network-born manipulation or interference.

Sometimes the problem is that unintended changes have impacted operations, or old equipment has started to flood the network with problematic traffic. For the control level applications, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) is the optimal end-point solution. Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) at the different levels help to stop any outbreaks from spreading as well.

We provide threat protection for vulnerable systems

Nobody has discovered as many OT system vulnerabilities or delivered anywhere close to as many protections as Cisco’s Talos. For the past several years we have delivered at least 100+ vulnerability discoveries and protections annually. No other company has matched our dedicated industrial security researchers in terms of creating protections and mitigations for known industrial threats.

Threat Protection Diagram

New protections delivered in 2019: 200+

In some cases, we can deliver a zero-day protection whose details are known only to the vendor whose product is vulnerable and those customers whom they alert. What this means is that in the real world where updates are difficult to schedule in a timely fashion, these customers can be protected without having to take critical assets off-line.

We provide a deep understanding of industrial protocols to ensure a safe operating environment.

Cisco’s NGFW firewalls have the ability to parse industrial protocols and understand the components of the control language. Special protocol parsers actually understand the structure of the protocol and provide graphic user interfaces (GUIs) for easy and rapid modifications without having to learn and debug obscure regular expression constructs.


With these functions, you can help prevent errors from impacting your operation and even detect undesired manipulation of the machines and cells on the factory floor.


With these functions, you can help prevent errors from impacting your operation and even detect undesired set point values pushed to the equipment in Bay 1 at a remote unmanned site.