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London Health Sciences Centre

Locator icon Ontario, Canada
Employees icon 15,000 employees

London Health Sciences Centre seized the opportunity to streamline workflows and improve communications between multidisciplinary healthcare specialists. Moving to digital healthcare is helping London Health Sciences obtain more detailed, consolidated information concerning patient care journeys. This creates opportunities to improve clinical workflows and continue to enhance in-patient care.

  • Help medical teams collaborate and work more efficiently
  • Improve care at bedside
  • Reduce travel
  • Linked insight into patient journeys and clinical workflows with connected staff
  • Improved drug administration accuracy by 40 percent
  • Released doctors to spend more time with patients

In two years, we’ve grown from 2,000 mobile devices to over 10,000. Cisco DNA helps ensure device growth drives innovation, not extra administrative burden.”

Dave Schned
Integrated Director of IT Infrastructure
London Health Sciences Centre

“Our Cisco network brings it all together. Having a solid platform for digital healthcare is vital. We’re able to work more efficiently, flexibly, and securely, and deliver better outcomes and quality of care to our patients.”

Glen Kearns
VP of Diagnostic Services and CIO
London Health Sciences Centre