Increased Value of Data in Motion

Learn how organizations can become more predictive, proactive, and insightful.

Increased Value of Data in Motion

Internet traffic continues to grow, providing infinite paths to improve our world. From solving global health issues to improving education, the human potential is amazing. At Cisco we understand this potential and we have a passion for creating intelligent solutions to collect, manage, and evaluate data at the speed of human communications. Gain an executive perspective on how Data in Motion can transform your business.

The Birth of a Trust Economy

Data in Motion

Data in Motion represents the continuous interactions between people, process, data and things to drive real-time data discovery. (1:52 min)

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Evolution of Data

Evolution of Data

Photojournalist Rick Smolan discusses his latest project, The Human Face of Big Data.

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IT on Big Data and Beyond

IT on Big Data and Beyond

Learn about the opportunities and challenges to extract value from all data.

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Is There a Human Face Behind Data?

See the Value of Collaboration

This infographic can help you better gauge the value of your organization's connections.

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Enhance Data Center Flexibility

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