Modernizing the Workforce Infographic
Rethink WAN

How Can Your
Workplace Meet
Today's Evolving Needs?

The way we work is changing dramatically. Advanced technology can empower your
employees to collaborate - successfully and securely - amid shifting workplace environments.

Businesses face new workplace challenges

Most businesses are using multiple cloud-based applications, which can be hard for IT to control, manage, and secure.
As more employees work remotely, your infrastructure needs to support more devices, remote connections, and seamless security.
86% of employees and executives cite poor communication and collaboration as the reason for workplace failures.1
By 2022, 89% of midsize organizations will have experienced an advanced attack.2

Teams can struggle to stay productive

Of time is spent in meetings, phone calls, and emails
Of employees bring other work to meetings
Of the global workforce telecommutes at least once a week
Of meetings require technology to connect colleagues
Of time in meetings is spent waiting
Source: Cisco independent research
Identify and respond to threats faster

Modern collaboration tools are the key to adapting to the changing workplace

Personalized, integrated experiences lead to:

  • Ease of scheduling on mobile and desktop
  • Cognitive intelligence integrated into meetings
  • Easy meeting connections on device, desktop, and mobile
  • Enhanced customer interactions
  • High meeting room use with optimized video capabilities
  • Increased team performance across boundaries
  • Enhanced security and compliance

Building blocks of a collaboration platform

Time Detection

Cisco can help you modernize your workplace collaboration

By providing:

Common administration policy
Global backbone to meet all scaling needs
Unrivaled intelligence and analytics
Single platform
Cloud migration at the pace of the customer, with flexible licensing
Integrated security

Ready to make collaboration easier and more
productive for your business