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Exponentially expand horizons for you and your customers with Cisco 5G PowerX

Exponentially expand horizons for you and your customers with Cisco 5G PowerX

Now is the time to make 5G services a reality.
 Your network can enable everyone and everything to be connected. Smart cities, VR collaboration and fun, intelligent cars, integrated health and other new technologies are enabling businesses to digitally transform and leap past their competition.

Cisco PowerX enables your 5G future to start today

Gain New opportunities

Edge Services allows for lower latency

Leverage network slicing with partition resources

Automate convergence

Increase Revenues

Get to market faster at a lower cost

Utilize Seamless Mobility with SP/ENT partnerships

Become a mobile Cloud Services Provider

Lower Costs

Up to 52% TCO savings with Cisco programmable IP Infrastructure

Up to 53% TCO savings by extending Cisco virtualized solutions across the network

Over 70% operational efficiencies gained through Cisco automation and orchestration

Cisco PowerX with Machine Learning

Get the 5G network platform you need to support your consumer and business customers’ demands for cloud-like agility, flexibility and scale not found in mobile networks today.

multicloud infrastructure
Break down network silos

Multi-dimension programmable infrastructure and ruthless simplicity enables your multi-vendor, multi-domain network to operate as a single entity.

cloud right at the edge
Cloud right at the edge

A cloud-native, distributed core and data center positions resources and services—when and where you need them—even at the edge where your customers are using them.

streamline network architecture
Streamline network architecture

Advanced network intelligence identifies different traffic and services, and ensures the highest quality of experience, while maintaining the greatest efficiency of resources across the entire network.


End-to-end automation and orchestration enable you to quickly create, validate and maintain services.

Cisco 5G PowerX provides web scalability, agility and flexibility over end-to-end network slices so you can:


Enable your customers to move seamlessly across wireless and wireline connections so they can enjoy faster, better, more resilient services.


Redefine your business with 5G from the Radio Access Network (RAN) to the Core and to the Data Center.


Make your network greater than just the radio that you provide.


Out-flex, out-agile and out-perform even your fastest, slickest competitor.