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Unlock IoT Revenues at the Speed of Cloud

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Provide Agile IoT Services with 5G to ensure your business has the technology it needs to succeed

There will be more than 3.3 billion mobile-connected IoT devices by 2021* , and many IoT services require a 5G network with network slices and advanced automation for fast creation, minimal human intervention and security.

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The Cisco Unified Enablement Platform

Cisco provides you with a fully programmable, end-to-end automated, distributed network enabling you to redefine your business as a mobile cloud-services provider with 5G Power.

The Cisco 5G network is built on a solid foundation of an intuitive Multi-dimensional Programmable Infrastructure.

Unlock mobile cloud-service provider potential with the Cisco Ultra Services Platform, the industry-leading distributed, cloud-native mobile core.

With Cisco SONFlex and Multi-Domain Service Optimization (MDSO) you can meet the toughest SLAs by maximizing radio access efficiency to ensure your customers receive the highest quality of experience.

Our advanced machine-learning automation permeates the network, making it operate as a single intelligent entity.