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100G Ethernet port demand takes off

Meet traffic demand at a lower cost


The next three years are critical to your investment

According to Cisco Visual Networking Index data by the year 2021:1

internet users worldwide

networked devices and connections

IP traffic from video

annual global IP traffic

global fixed broadband speeds (in Mbps)

IP traffic from wireless and mobile devices

Years to watch amount of video that crosses global UP networks monthly

100G port shipments are expected to follow the lead with the rise in global IP traffic2



bush bottom border

Cisco ASR 9000 Series platforms can help your business transition to 100G

The Cisco ASR 9000 Series supports new, industry-leading, ultra high-density 100 Gigabit Ethernet line cards:

Up to 32 ports (in options of 16 and 32) of 100GE and Cisco IOS XR Software

High-capacity line cards remove bandwidth bottlenecks caused by increase of traffic in:

Internet Video

Cloud Services



Powered by Cisco 4th generation of Silicon Chipset

Built to last

Over 10 years, 80x slot capacity increase, up 3.2 Tbps from 40G in 2008

Engineered for new architectures

Architecture simplification with Segment Routing and EVPN

Closed-loop automation with programmability and telemetry

5G-readiness with timing and network slicing support

Automated DDoS mitigation

Optimized to reduce costs

Low power consumption

Simple, flexible, Pay-as-you-grow consumption model

Trusted for Advanced Security

Establish Trust in Hardware

Verify Trust in OS

Maintain Trust at Runtime

Visualize Trust

Delivering ultimate scale

Speed per spot graph
Available now on:
ASR 9904
ASR 9906
ASR 9910
ASR 9912
ASR 9922
ASR 9006
ASR 9906
ASR 9910
ASR 9912
ASR 9922
ASR 9006
ASR 9010
Bushes and Clouds Bushes and Clouds

Powering multiple use cases

Ethernet Service

ASR 9000 is the flagship platform for Layer2 and Layer3 VPN services termination with deployments at largest operators across the world.

Mobile Edge

ASR 9000 powers mobile operators networks with rich Layer2/Layer3 VPN functions, multicast, timing capabilities. Segment Routing based slicing capabilities make it ready for 5G future.

Data Center

ASR 9000 acts as the Gateway platform performing translation between Data Center core and WAN Core technologies and providing segmentation that allows to superior scale while interconnecting large Data Centers.

Internet Transit and Peering

IOS XR field-hardened BGP stack with very high session scale, FlowSpec implementation and high availability built into the router makes it a platform of choice for Peering applications.