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3 Stage Realization Program

Three steps to 5G services now

Custom fit solutions that incorporate componentized hardware, software, and automation, along with the experienced personnel to fill your gaps. To make it easier, Cisco has developed a 3 stage realization program.

Here with you every step of the way

  1. We assess the current state of your network, operational capabilities, business realities, and future plans.
  2. We work with you to develop a transformation plan to build a 5G-ready intent-based infrastructure that is not only faster and more flexible but also less expensive to operate.
  3. Now that you have the right foundation in place, you can focus your efforts on service innovation for both current and future radio technologies. Now, you really can deliver at the speed of “CLICK.”

5G is a Journey - Cisco is ready to help you

Maximizing scalability, security, and automation.

Customize your 5G network today

Discover the compounding benefits of Cisco hardware, software, and services.

The support you need

Increase speed to market, reduce complexity, and deliver.

Check out our Cloud-to-Client approach, unifying multivendor solutions into a single, standards-based architecture.